"Bringing Social Home Again"

    Rita Fuller-Yates is a Professional Interior Designer by trade but her continual passion to help others improve social entertainment has become her new passion.  After she completed her Masters degree in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art & Design, she realized she enjoyed the relationship of people in space more then the space exclusively.  This was when she discovered her natural love for home entertainment and the much needed attention to helping others with social entertainment at home.In 2014 her new passions of social entertainment, interior design and people birthed a new role  and she intertwined all of her passions and became a Lifestyle Expert.  It was important for Fuller-Yates to create a mission that provided a foundation to her passions and the term  "Bringing Social Home Again" (BSHA) was birthed in 2015.  The mission "BSHA" helps provide tools  and resources to those individuals in need of improvement in social entertainment.  She uses different tools &  resources, for example; events, social media, social media TV shows and teaching workshops as an example to showcase the visual reality of social entertainment at home. You can continue to support Rita Fuller-Yates by following her on her social media platforms and visiting her weekly YouTube Channel Home Again with Rita Fuller-Yates that broadcast weekly every Sunday at 6:00 PM EST.

Wine, Dine & Create Workshops

Look for details for our upcoming Workshop in May 2018!

Rita Fuller-Yates

Graduating with a B.A. in Arts & Science from Ohio University as well as her Masters in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art and Design, Rita has spent many years honing her expertise in the field of Interior Design and Business. 

Her love for fashion and her instinctive eye for Beautiful d├ęcor has allowed her to infuse the two, to  provide fascinating designs that bring both texture and color to her projects.

As an already successful business owner, Rita was burdened by the lack of authentic relationships that are often built by socializing and entertaining in our homes. Instead of remaining frustrated, she created something brilliant... Rita Fuller-Yates Lifestyle Brands 

Rita Fuller-Yates if the owner of Ydecorate LLC., located in Columbus, Ohio.